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What We Do

As a full-service Creative Media Agency &  Video Production House, 
we will take care of your product from the start to finish. 


Our creative team will figure out how to visualize the value of your brand and product so your audience can understand how it works, what is the difference and why they should have it in their lives. We will provide a brief treatment that summarizes the content of the video, reference videos and photos to help you understand how it will look, a storyboard that lays down everything in detail, and a plan that includes the budget and timeline of our production.


We will team up the most talented crew from our in-house team as well as our vast network of filmmakers; we will scout the best location to place your product and story; we will cast the actors and models who can best represent your brand; and we will choose the most suitable equipment to shoot the video and photos in the most efficient way.


Our professional team will make sure everything we have discussed during the creative and pre-production phase is translated into visual images.


In this phase, we will meticulously shape the work into its final form with all the available resource, such as motion graphic and VFX, original music score and licensing, colour correction as well as sound mixing. We will make sure the final delivered work is nice and polished and is ready to be distributed.


Social Media Marketing:

After creating a fantastic content we can help you promote your business and products on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Your unique content should be tailored to the specific platform it’s being shared on to help you boost conversions and increase brand awareness.

Here's an example of our social-eco-system! 


Why choose us?

It's a choice you regret you didn't choose us earlier

No Mediocrity

We refuse to compromise our quality through any project just so we can ‘mark it’ as completion. Everything is treated with the utmost respect. At Pandastic Media, we never settle for ‘ok’ or ‘good enough’ work. If you’re not convinced yet – our job is never done. Every project has the time and attention it deserves.


Our goal: near-perfection.


Fast & Precise, Efficient

Most film crews are overstaffed – and that is why traditional filming production costs amount to a hefty sum.

We adopt a skeletal workforce approach, move nimbly – travel light, film strategically smart, and only operate with a big crew if needed.

Speed is of the essence in decision-making when it comes to deciding on the direction of the video.

Sometimes, less is more.  A lot can be achieved in post-production (another area of our expertise).


Impeccable Workflow

We make every second count on the shoot. When working, we make sure we have extensive coverage – so everything looks at its best.

We take pride in creating a video that engages the audience and ignites emotions because emotionally charged, creative video advertising can spread like wildfire on the Internet in a matter of days, gaining thousands of views. 

And this is the true purpose of video marketing: only the-most-creative survive!


Smart Budgeting

We understand that many start-ups or smaller businesses don’t have corporate-size budgets, so we’re here to provide a solution to this price war without ever compromising on quality.

In a nutshell, we love making videos that are engineered to bring your business more business.

We know the importance of video content marketing and that’s why we’re here to help you. Your video will outlive us and stand the test of time. Speed up your sales cycle with video content marketing today.


Next-level Social Media Content Marketing

The power of Social Media Marketing nowadays can help brands to gain real-time insights into their audience's tastes, and test new visuals to optimize photos and videos posting.

The smartest companies will continue to invest in channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to inform their visual strategy — and ultimately maximize online revenue and long-term business growth.

Over here at Pandastic Media, we know how to get the numbers and most importantly, eyeballs. Through our niche - Creative & Cinematic content is something that is highly useful and sought after, entertaining, and inspiring which is then more likely to get shared around. Creating outstanding content can be a time consuming and arduous process but it comes with an advantage, the ability to disseminate information to a larger audience. Through social sharing, it broadens your social reach and also improves your inbound link potential.   


We adopt a similar approach on our social media videos to leverage on all of these aspects. Not only do we create edutainment content but also turn them into something viral that gets everyone talking. We are constantly pushing information through bite-sized contents across our social media platforms and breaking the internet.

Who Are we

The 'Team Avengers'

We are a Media Agency with our own Video Production House & Visual Effect Team that specialize in Social Media Content.
That means we provide the most reasonable cost without an agent's cut.  

We specialized in producing content such as Viral Online Content, Short films, Music Videos, Creative Commercials, Series / Feature Film.

We are best known for our niche in Action & Comedy Genre.

There's been an EXPLOSION of growth in video on Social Media in recent years.

And we're highly trained in dealing with any Media related problems such as

Video Productions, Video Editing, Talent engagement, Need-A-Video-of-How-To-Get-My-Brand-Known, etc. 

No doubt that video content is definitely the leading way to social marketing and we have the formulas and solutions to make your

next content reach out to the right audience and getting the awareness that your brand deserved.


So let us handle your Video-related problems and you can watch your next content go viral.

And we even have big names from Hollywood (Below) to prove that your next content with us can go far!


The Russo Brothers

Directors of Marvel's Avengers: End Game

" Pure Genius "
On Jaze Phua's  Avengers : End Game Low Budget Trailer Parody

Mark Ruffalo

Actor of Marvel's Avengers: End Game


" I come up with fun ideas that connect your brand with your audience. "

IG: @jazephua


Jaze Phua


Douglas Tan


" I turn your vision to something visually aesthetic. "

IG: @natsalguod



Producer/Sales Executive

" I deal with clients and sales related stuff. "




" I'm here to learn as much as I can "



Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Why "Pandastic" Media?
A: We use Panda as the mascot because of its distinctive black-and-white color which pays tribute to when film-making first started with only black and white. Pandas are also Asian which present the team, also they're a global symbol of peace which is what we strongly believe in. 

Q: What kind of videos do you make?

A: All kinds, we do movies, drama series, short films, documentaries, fashion, behind the scene, interviews, product showcasing videos, crowdfunding videos as well as TV commercials. We're known for our social media content, anything that is creative that attracts viewers' eyes! 

Q: What kind of clients do you work with?

A: All kinds, we work with start-ups, corporations, and everything in between. If you have a project with a budget, shoot us an email.  

Q: How much will it cost to produce my video? 

A: It really depends on the scale of the project and your requirement. Usually, SGD$15,000 onwards is a good starting point for good quality videos. But if your budget is tight, we are always happy to discuss it with you and provide some creative solutions. 

Q: How much time will it take to get the final product? 

A: At least 1 month for commercial videos. Once the treatment and storyboard are approved, it usually takes us two weeks for pre-production, one to three days for the shoot, and around two weeks for the post. However, we can make a special exception if your timeline is tight.

Q: Do I need to be in SG to work with you?

A: It is always great to meet you in person, but if you are from overseas or away, we can still communicate through emails or online meetings. We have worked with international clients. 

Q: How can I contact you? 

A: You can contact us through email: or use connect with us directly.


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