FRAGMENTS won 2nd runner up out of 145 entries in CMPA 2015 ! Thank you everyone, much appreciated 🙂 –…

Fragments – An incomplete or a small broken off piece | Theme: Memories | Genre: Poetic

” the best memories are not simply based on the images in front of you, but really, the moments you create with the people around you. ”
As a husband shares a moment with his wife in the cinema, he recollects the memories he shared with her.

Researchers say that the blind have the best memory. Why?
Because people with no visual experience can recall the most information.

Special thanks to Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped for sponsoring the much needed walking stick.

Special thanks to Nanyang Polytechnic School of Interactive Media for the cinematic location.

Special thanks to the Wong family for allowing us to film in a beautiful home.

Music purchased from Pond5
Credits at the end of the video

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