Episode 1: Money Falls From the Sky
A bloody hit on a triad den goes wrong, and a bag containing millions of dollars’ worth of triad money falls onto delivery driver Gregory Heng’s car, making him the target of Jasper, the lethal assassin assigned to carry out the hit.

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What happens when the luckiest man on Earth has to run away from deadly assassins?”

Premiering on Toggle on 16 August. New episodes every Thursday and Friday. Look out for the first two episodes that will be on our Channel!

Slacker delivery driver Gregory Heng believes he is ‘cursed with good luck’ – things have always worked out well for him in twisted ways. Case in point: a bag filled with millions of dollars literally falls onto his car just when he is fretting about making the month’s rent.

Unfortunately for Greg, the money had once belonged to a triad gang, and is sought by Jasper, a deadly, perfectionistic hitman under the employment of a corrupt police chief dedicated to wiping out the triads via her own bloody brand of justice. Now on the run for his life, Greg, assisted by a mysterious hacker named Issac and his straight-arrow cop sister Sam, must push the limits of his good luck in order to survive, or end up giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘dead lucky’.

“Fools & Liars” by Bakers in Space

Maxi Lim as Gregory Heng

Benjamin Kheng as Issac
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/benjamin.kheng
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/benjaminkheng

Rosalind Pho as Samantha Heng

Jaze Phua as Jasper

Beatrice Chia-Richmond as Lilian


Jerry Lim

Jordan Lim

Production Designer:
Jaze Phua

VFX & Editor:
Jared Ti

Screenplay Writer:
Jason Teo

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