Due to Zhen Meiting’s busy schedule, she rented a boyfriend to please her ill Grandma who singlehandedly raised her up, in hopes that her illness will get better. What will her filial piety give her in return?

(We’ll post the original song soon on YouTube & Spotify!)

From JUO,
We wishes everyone Happy Valentines’ Day & Happy Chinese New Year!
Would like to special mention that this is Jessica’s (aka Zhen Meiting) first time acting, props to her for the wonderful performance. Also special thanks to Joanne Toh, May Tan and Carls for the individual home venue. Last but not least, the original soundtrack that was composed by Coleman that also written along with Jaze. Thanks to everyone involved in this video that make this possible and YOU who is seeing this now, hope you enjoy our mini-movie! Thanks for supporting us!

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Jaze Phua

Selena Jessica

A MM2 Entertainment Digital Content Producer

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